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We have a vision at Amazing Sailing Tours to approach every charter with the utmost attention and offer an authentic professional charter experience. We cater to your wishes and endeavor to fulfill your dreams of an ideal holiday. Our sailing vessels showcase stylish elegance combined with comfort for the perfect escape. Every sailboat has a professional crew that attends to the most minor details to ensure this experience is extraordinary. With our unique ideas combined with our exceptional fleet of vessels, we offer incredible charters for you!

With our many years of experience in the charter/tour market, we have established ourselves in this realm and are known for our exceptional service and standards. We expand with new and exciting vessels to offer a wide range to cater to many preferences.
Our dedicated professionals are happy to help you plan the most memorable sailing experience.
Whether you are interested in a monohull cruising along the San Blas Coast, a gorgeous catamaran exploring the Islands, or sailing away in the tropical sun of the Caribbean, we can make your charter dreams come to life!

With 10+ years of experience in the charter industry, we have taken our knowledge of charters, tours, and travels to offer you an exceptional experience anywhere you can dream of voyaging.

Through our travels and worldwide contacts, we have sought beautiful sailing boats to showcase on our site. With style and elegance, monohull catamarans offer the ideal escape to relax and rejuvenate. Along with incredible vessels, unique and familiar locations provide ideas for planning your travels. 

Whether you yearn to relax in the sun while dipping your toes in the water or experience new sites and cultures on your holiday, we strive to create a tailor-made charter to suit you perfectly. Wherever your dreams take you… we can bring those dreams to life! Allow us to help you plan a holiday you will cherish forever. We are excited to hear from you and to design the perfect sailing trip with memories to last a lifetime.


 You get the 5-star experience of a sailing charter and a unique experience with each of our boats, from French cuisine to the Mediterranean.